John Bolton’s book just became an even bigger problem for Donald Trump

The boxes are already on their way to warehouses. The digital download will be available just six days from today, and the John Bolton book is already a bestseller on Amazon. As Donald Trump scrambles through a maze of poor poll numbers and a series of what would normally be presidency-ending news stories, the icing on the cake may be John Bolton’s book.

Refusing to testify during the impeachment trial has generated a lot of credibility issues for Bolton. Still, the benefits of hurting the Trump reelection campaign seem to outweigh questioning Bolton’s motives. Bolton, who reads the epilogue on the audiobook version, has already publicly stated that the only thing that mattered to Trump was getting reelected. These “reelection calculations” motivated every Trump decision during Bolton’s 453 days at the White House.

Trump is already attempting to re-write his reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic, an economy in recession, and an inadequate response to racism while holding hands with racists. The Bolton book will inevitably remind us of all of his Ukrainian dealings. With the 2020 election just over one hundred days away and Trump’s popularity at an all-time low, reminding the public of attempts to manipulate the 2020 election will not help Trump’s bid for a second term. The book will also describe Trump’s early mishandling of the pandemic that has cost over one hundred thousand American lives.

The reelection campaign is seeking an injunction against distributing the book. The Trump campaign is also calling on Joe Biden to start doing more public events to allow the public to scrutinize Biden. We can almost hear Trump pouting that it isn’t fair that no one is picking on Biden. Trump’s Twitter account is likely to be very busy in the next few days. The listing on Audible shows that the book runs over twenty hours of listening time. For comparison sake, the Harry Potter books run about eight to ten hours each. We can only imagine the other goodies that are in the pages of the inevitable best-seller. Advance copies went out weeks ago, so even a successful injunction is unlikely to stop the carnage. We expect the new tell-all book from Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump may have an even bigger impact.

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