Donald Trump Jr has completely berserk on-air meltdown as it all falls apart for him and his family

Even Donald Trump’s own babysitters are now admitting that Trump basically sits around in a downtrodden funk and does nothing all day as everything slips away from him. Nothing is going right for him. His already-bad reelection numbers in swing states are getting even worse. It turns out Donald Trump Junior isn’t taking his father’s collapse particularly well.

Donald Trump Jr. appeared on the Hannity show and sounded equal parts, desperate, frantic, and angry at how badly this is going for his family:


Does this sound like a guy who thinks anything is going right for his side? Trump Junior sounds like a guy who sees his father in freefall, realizes that if dad loses the election they’ll all go to prison, and is really resentful at how this global pandemic is working out so inconveniently for him and his family. Junior was so far gone in this interview, Hannity basically cut him off before he could make any more of a fool of himself – which tells you something.

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