Donald Trump Jr goes on Fox & Friends and has surreal meltdown

Donald Trump Junior, white Christian extraordinaire, has just exposed who he really is. In his last gasp before the Office of Special Counsel takes him down, he went on Fox & Friends to talk about reincarnation. Really.

The Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and Jainist religions have beliefs that are based on reincarnation and past lives. The quote from Don Jr. is, “There are no actual crimes. There’s only things that people did in past lives, in 2006 before we even thought we’d ever get into this crazy world.” What? First of all, is he seeing dead people? And if not, since these people’s past lives were in 2006, are these people children he’s talking about?

What seems to be their ploy now is to talk about something as if it were ancient history. Trump, in his defense of Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, exclaimed that not only was Acosta “a great Labor Secretary,” but Acosta’s offense for letting a pedophile off with a slap on the wrist after racking up dozens of charges “seems like a long time ago.”

Sorry Don Jr. We see you. And we really see your father. Manafort’s crimes were in real time during the campaign. There is also this thing called Signals Intelligence. If you think Robert Mueller has to go looking for crimes while your father chats away on an unsecured cell phone to God-knows-who, we know the word, intelligent, doesn’t apply to your family.

The other thing Don Jr. spouted off this morning was the, “old Stalinist tactic” of: You find the man; we’ll find the crime. Well, if you’d only done the most cursory homework on the government your family was about to work for, you’d understand that we don’t need a judge to sign off on a warrant to tap your father’s phone calls. We will get the conversations perfectly legally from all our allies who listen to unsecured, high-level conversations as part of their intelligence gathering operations. This is why your father was urged to use a secure device. These countries share with us all the time. Mueller knows everything. Bye bye, junior and daddy. Enjoy ADX Florence, or a similar maximum security facility, for the rest of your lives. You are both done for.