Donald Trump Jr just found a whole new way to humiliate himself

While Donald Trump was being booed at a Veterans Day parade in his native New York City, his son didn’t fare a whole lot better on Monday at his own public appearance on the campus of the University of California Los Angeles. Donald Trump Jr., who’s become something of a low-rent online conspiracy theorist as well as setting the worst example imaginable for a member of the First Family, was promoting his new book at UCLA – a long screed against everyone he disagrees with, called Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us.

Rather than set an example of how to unite the people of his country, as one would expect the adult son of a U.S. president to do, he used his event as a chance to bring together typical right-wing trolls in a notoriously liberal setting. Don Jr. was obviously hoping that he could use the book launch as an attempt to show how unfairly despised he and his supporters are simply for being conservative by hosting a two-hour event, knowing that the event would be protested and he would eventually be asked to leave.

While a number of students protested his event and the racists who accompanied Don Jr., including Turning Point’s founder Charlie Kirk, they actually gave him much less trouble than he had hoped for. Instead, the problems arose when Don Jr. and girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle refused to offer a Q&A session due to time constraints. The crowd, some of whom were wearing MAGA hats, angrily booed them off the stage in the first 20 minutes, demanding they hold a Q&A. Things got even worse, as Guilfoyle hurled insults back at the crowd.

It’s hard not to think that Don Jr. is desperately trying to move himself out of his father’s shadow – doing a book tour and vapid political punditry in the same way Trump Sr. started his political career – the trouble is he can’t even get traction doing that.

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