Donald Trump Jr just reminded us what gutter trash he truly is

PR431: Donald Junior, sheep murderer

In August, Donald Trump Jr went to Mongolia and murdered a sheep on the endangered species list known as an argali. Argali are magnificent animals. The males have large curving horns and stand on average around five feet high. Because he is a coward, Trump the “sportsman” hunted the defenseless creature at night using night vision goggles. He loves killing things, particularly if they are beautiful or endangered or both. Like his father he is that kind of heartless bastard.

Nothing quite says you’re a man like shooting and killing something that cannot shoot back. The argali had no chance. It wasn’t a contest, it wasn’t an act of courage, Trump wasn’t doing it to stay alive or feed his family. Trump’s motivation was derived from the pure pleasure of taking the life of an innocent, inoffensive creature who never did him or anyone else any harm. Trump is the son of a child rapist, a traitor, a thief, a wrecker of family businesses through non-payment of contractors as a matter of policy, a liar and a fool so I expect no less than similar character traits from his son. Killing an animal on the endangered species list was right on schedule.

Trump’s murder of the argali was illegal, incidentally. In his nonchalant arrogance the little prick “forgot” to get a permit. No problem. The Mongolian government was happy to supply him with one retroactively.

I try to keep discussion of my personal vegetarianism out of my political dialogs. I don’t eat animals as a matter of private moral choice. But I mention it here in case my motives should be brought under the light of scrutiny and any point-diverting hypocrisy should be underlined. But I don’t think in any case you need to be a vegan or a vegetarian to be appalled at the idea of killing for sport. We should declaim against it for the same reason we declaim against soldiers posing with the corpses of dead enemies. It’s barbaric. It is the trivialization of life. Anyone who lives with pets knows that if any creature can be said to have a soul it ought to apply doubly to animals. That they lack language and technology is no justification for cruelty.

I do not need another reason to hate the Trumps. And I do hate them. I make no secret of it. I respect Nancy Pelosi’s position on hatred but it is not mine. I make no secret of it and I never will. I hate Donald Trump. I hate his privileged, smug and smirking, ignorant, haughty, self-congratulating adult family. I hate anyone who supports them, without reservation or apology. I do not disdain hatred and I do not disown it. When I learned what Trump’s hellspawned idiot son did in Mongolia in August that hatred turned into white hot fury. It will be my delight to see each and every one of them in prison. It would be a bonus if I could, in my own small way, help them get there.

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