Donald Trump and Bill Barr are running smack into Judge Emmet Sullivan

The DOJ has asked the court to drop charges against Michael Flynn. This is all at Trump’s urging, no doubt. Flynn must’ve threatened to spill some big beans for Trump to overrule Barr and further corrupt the AG’s already corrupt DOJ.

We have three words for Michael Flynn and Trump: Judge Emmet Sullivan. The DOJ can’t just pull its case; it has to be approved by the court. If you recall, Emmet Sullivan was the judge who asked if Flynn should be charged with treason. The Right is celebrating this distraction from Trump’s miserable failures, and there may be real reasons for the case to be dropped that haven’t been revealed yet, such as the DOJ preparing later treason charges after Trump’s out of office. We don’t know yet, but we’re going to put our money on Judge Sullivan serving justice.

Did we ever think our own DOJ would say in court it can’t prove a case against Flynn that already had him pleading guilty and sentenced? The corruption here is deep and rotted. The worst of it is nothing surprises anymore. We’ve been lied to, conned and grifted so much that even the most egregious assault on our democracy is shrugged off.

But one thing is certain. Somewhere, in our huge lumbering government, are those people who know the truth, those whose business is the truth. They are not going to shrug things off in their sphere. They are just burrowing in and waiting for January 20th, 2021. We expected to hear a lot from them then.

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