Donald Trump’s disastrous June just keeps getting uglier for him

June is going to be a significant month in the life of Donald Trump. Not only is he losing the military, the intelligence community and now the Fed, but he’s having Mnuchin hide the funds the Trump Organization and Friends received from our COVID 19 bailout money in an obvious attempt to pull the wool over our eyes. “Many people are saying” this last stunt is a stunning move, but after four years of Trumplican collusion, this is just par for the course.

Donald Trump has lost the black vote, but he never had that anyway. Now he’s killing off the white-middle-class-and-not-a-racist vote. He will call the election in his favor in November in spite of his loss, but it won’t work. How do we know this? Judge Emmet Sullivan’s pushback against the DOJ and Flynn’s dismissal of charges is why. Protests being organized on the streets is why. The military banning the display of confederate flags is why. We were always the majority and now we’re no longer playing nice. The end is nigh for Trump & Co. and it can’t come too soon.

But what else will June bring? We suspect those taxes will be released by the Supreme Court; we suspect not only will they reveal money laundering but payoffs to the parents of children Trump sexually assaulted. It will be a rabbit hole we may never truly see the bottom of, since Trump is in his seventies, and prison and/or death from old age loom. But we’ve got three more weeks of June and it’s already a disaster for him. It’s only going to get worse. Pompeo and Barr are revealed for the traitors they are. Giuliani is mired in the corruption of the law firm he hired in the Ukraine case.

All the BS is coming out of all of these sh*tstains and finally people are seeing them for what they are: a cabal of thugs and criminals. Not only will they be voted out of office in November, but they will be examined and hopefully prosecuted and jailed for the rest of their lives. One does not trifle with We The People the way they have, because We The People will push back.

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