Donald Trump just can’t let it go, digs himself an even deeper hole

Yesterday the Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump republican group, released a TV ad that quickly went viral. Donald Trump was apparently the last to find out about it, and it definitely got under his skin, because at one in the morning he began ranting about it with a level of derangement that was over the top even by his standards. Now, he still can’t let it go.

Last night Donald Trump went on a bender that saw him referring to George Conway as “Moonface” and referring to Evan McMullin as “McMuffin.” Everyone from Barack Obama to John McCain to Mitt Romney made an appearance in Trump’s bizarre meltdown. Trump’s rant has gone over quite poorly, particularly his “Moonface” remark, which may have been a slur aimed at Conway’s Asian ethnicity. In any case, Trump never met a hole he didn’t want to dig deeper, so just now he posted this:



That’s right, Donald Trump has now been ranting about the Lincoln Project for thirteen hours. By hurling insults and baseless accusations at the group, all he’s doing is giving it even more free publicity. Trump is clearly worried about the prospect of some republicans voting against him in November, and he’s only making it worse for himself by not being able to let go of it.

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