Donald Trump just completely imploded

As the old saying goes, when the law is in your favor, argue the law; when the facts are in your favor, argue the facts. And when you’re a psychotic orange sh*tgibbon, fling poo and fling it hard. Trump has sent his first unhinged letter on White House stationery lambasting impeachment and Nancy Pelosi. Everyone needs to gird their loins and understand we’re in this for the long haul. There will be no personal insult off-bounds; no slur that won’t be Tweeted in the wee hours of the night; no screed that won’t be ranted in front of the cameras.

Ignore the poo as well as Nancy Pelosi does, and proceed accordingly, full steam ahead. Because as sure as death and taxes, if it’s coming from Trump, there will be more of it, increasing in volume as the impeachment goes through. Trump is of course projecting everything that he’s actually doing. He’s subverting democracy by being in bed with hostile foreign powers and attempting to throw another election. And he’s scared. Very, very scared.

The last thing he can bear is to stand by and watch anything connected to him be besmirched. He wants to lash out, cut down every rational politician in his path, and force everyone to bend to his will.

We got news for him: ain’t happenin’. Pelosi, Schumer et al will be plowing through the fecal iceberg like a solid American icebreaker. Pelosi knows Trump is mentally ill and will ignore his ridiculousness. We predict Schumer will force every Senate Republican to vote on record as to whether they will allow witnesses in this historic trial or whether they will obstruct. The facts and the record are what Republicans fear most because voters will hold them to account. In the meantime, everyone put on your rain gear and know this biohazard can be washed away in 2020 if we vote.

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