Donald Trump just took the bait

Donald Trump took a gamble by inviting a foreign country to investigate one of his most feared political rivals. Rather than finding any dirt on Joe Biden as he had hoped, he managed to get himself impeached. However the trial in the Senate ends up, it’s likely not going to win him any new support in 2020. He may have even brought down some fellow Republicans with him, depending on how they vote in the next few days.

Having foreign governments investigate his rivals failed, as did trying to start a military conflict with Iran – who probably suspect that he’s desperate for something he can call a win. You would think this is probably the point where an incumbent president rolls out new plans or something that can bring “middle of the road” voters to them in November, but this is Donald Trump we’re talking about. It turns out he’s not even sure about which of his political rivals to go after next.

You’d think he’d pick one of his viable Democratic rivals to target. Instead, he’s decided to go after Mike Bloomberg, who only recently became a Democrat and only has about 7% support in the polls. So why has he suddenly focused on “Mini Mike Bloomberg”? According to a New York Times article, it has everything to do with a series of ads Bloomberg ran on Fox News for Trump to see during his nightly television binge watching, about Trump’s bad-mouthing of Generals early in his administration.

While Trump fears the ad shows his patriotism for the sham that it is, there’s probably something a bit more rooted in his latest Twitter rants against Bloomberg – namely that Bloomberg is a successful businessman with his own thriving media company, all things that Trump likes to present himself as being but knows that he’s not. Despite his own advisers’ suggestions that he not go after Bloomberg, Trump can’t help himself for this reason, while he ignores Democratic challengers who present a more serious threat.

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