Kamala Harris just lit the fuse

Things seem to be just falling into place for former Vice President Joe Biden in his bid for the White House. Former Obama White House economic adviser Robert Wolf, appeared on Fox & Friends Sunday to tout the importance of Kamala Harris’ endorsement. Wolf said that her timing “was perfect. Let’s be honest, she’s a rock star.”

Wolf even suggested that she would be a great vice-presidential candidate because she brings voters who are “very complimentary to the vice president. She brings a different electricity to the base.” All of Biden’s endorsements to date hold the potential of doing that.

Not to be left off the Biden train, Cory Booker has also endorsed Biden. According to HuffPost, Booker believes that Biden will “show there’s more that unites us than divides us.” Like Harris, Booker can possibly bring additional black voters to the table. While Jesse Jackson came out of nowhere to endorse Sanders, Jackson arguably will not bring the support that these two young, relevant, Black endorsements will bring to Biden. As if all this isn’t good news for Biden, CNN had more.

A recently conducted poll by CNN shows that 52% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning independents want Joe Biden to win the nomination. 36% would like to see Sanders win. The poll also appears to reflect that some of Elizabeth Warren’s previous supporters are moving to Biden. CNN initially conducted some of its interviews before Warren officially dropped out of the race. When they continued interviews following Warren’s announcement, 57% supported Biden while Sanders remained at 36%. This is no coincidence. Biden can clearly relate these numbers to his Super Tuesday victory, which also caused other numbers to rise.

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