Rudy Giuliani, you’re not in Kansas anymore

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy. You’re not in Kansas anymore. With the arrests of Rudy Giuliani’s clients, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, Rudy is now distancing himself from them. Rudy claims he was not aware of any FBI scrutiny of them and has announced he has not been interviewed by law enforcement.

Rudy, of all people, should know that targets are rarely interviewed. The other thing to know is the fact that this kind of timing screams wiretap. Officers arrived in Dulles just in time to arrest Parnas and Fruman before they took their one-way ticket to Vienna. Not to mention Rudy was set to fly to Vienna the next day. Again, that’s Vienna, home to Ukrainian oligarch and US fugitive, Dmytro Firtash, and the city that can claim to be Ground Zero of Russian spy activity. Nothing to see here.

Rudy is toast. Because not only is it fair to speculate about those wiretaps, but if the SDNY announcement by US Attorney Geoffrey Berman holds any water, his words, “And I want to add that this investigation is continuing,” while he was giving the camera a death stare should send anyone even remotely related to these two on speed dial to their attorney.

Trump is already distancing himself from the two arrested men, though he has posed for multiple pictures with them. Don Junior is in his own picture with them also. Anyone else thinking the line, “When you’re here you’re family”? John Dowd claims in his now infamous Comic Sans letter that Parnas and Fruman couldn’t testify before Congress because they assisted Rudy in his representation of Trump. Nothing to see there. Nope. Good luck to these people. Dowd will save his own ass, no matter what. Rudy will go to jail. And Trump & Co will be right behind him.

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