Donald Trump’s stooge Kayleigh McEnany just completely humiliated herself

Donald Trump is too much of an insecure narcissistic coward to wear a mask while out in public. He’s also apparently too much of a coward to directly attack Joe Biden for wearing a mask while out in public. Instead Trump has merely been retweeting Fox News thugs who have tried to make fun of Biden’s mask. Now Trump is having his White House Press Secretary go after Biden over it.

The trouble for Donald Trump and Kayleigh McEnany is that she’s not particularly good at this. McEnany is holding a press briefing right now, and the best she’s been able to come up with is to question why Joe Biden wore a mask while standing next to his wife in public, but didn’t wear a mask while next to his wife in their basement. Wait, what?

For starters, Trump’s own CDC say that people should wear a mask while out in public, but not in their own homes. As for Joe and Dr. Jill Biden, they’ve been quarantined together for weeks, so there’s no reason for them to wear a mask around each other when it’s just the two of them. They clearly wore masks yesterday to protect other people, in case they accidentally got too close to them.

Kayleigh McEnany is completely humiliating herself with this nonsense. Even the dumbest of Donald Trump’s idiot supporters aren’t going to buy the notion that Joe Biden is supposed to wear a mask in his basement. If this is the best that Trump and McEnany can come up with, this is going to be a losing issue for them. It merely puts more attention on Trump’s selfish unwillingness to wear a mask, which is becoming more of a scandal for him by the day.

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