Donald Trump and his kids have a whole new problem

We now know how the Trump crime family made its millions, and it ain’t real estate. Much to the chagrin of “president” Donald Trump and three of his adult children, Federal Judge Lorna G. Schofield, Southern District New York, is allowing a lawsuit to proceed against the Trump family. The lawsuit involves an old-fashioned pyramid scheme, many of which are illegal for the very reason the Trumps are being sued. Pyramid schemes take advantage of the most vulnerable, which is also Trump’s modus operandi. It is nice to see this family receive some type of comeuppance for all they have done over the years. According to the plaintiffs’ attorneys, Roberta A. Kaplan and Andrew G. Celli, Jr.: “This case connects the dots at the Trump Organization and involves systematic fraud that spanned more than a decade.” No wonder Daily Beast put the story under its “get the popcorn” section.

Trump, his sons Eric and Donald, Jr. and Ivanka are all named in the suit. The identity of the plaintiffs remains anonymous, as their attorneys fear for their safety “given the heated political environment.” They have that right. When Trump’s insane supporters threaten Dr. Fauci for telling the truth and Governor Gretchen Whitmer for protecting the citizens of her state, these folks need to be careful as they are directly threatening the nuts’ king.

A major player in this suit is ACN Opportunity, a telecommunications marketing firm that, according to Newsweek, paid Trump millions of dollars, and the Trump Network, which ran a phony vitamin scam and sold overpriced training seminars. Trump really is a snake oil salesman. This suit also resembles the suit against Trump University, which was a scam that cost Trump $25 million dollars in settlement payouts the day before he was sworn into office. Who knows what other scams are out there with the Trump name on them? They are a family of grifters, and this is how they make their living. According to CNN, the scam with ACN Opportunity paid Trump and his children “secret money” to use Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” to boost that company’s brand to teens. Talk about taking advantage of the vulnerable. Teens like every new gadget on the market. Make it look like the “latest thing,” and you have them hooked.

This scam was also marketed to people who wanted to start their own businesses or invest in their educations. Just like Trump University, those people got nothing in return while the Trumps continued to line their pockets. This is shameful, and what is more shameful is that the Trumps did not deny the allegations in their attempts to quash this suit. According to Bipartisan Report, the Trumps’ “enthusiastic endorsement” of ACN was bought and paid for, which they had hoped to keep secret. This corrupt behavior by the Trump family is nothing new, but it is rare that it is put out in the open as it will be with this case. Now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag, expect the media to be all over the suit as it develops. This really is a “get your popcorn” moment.

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