Donald Trump probably just got someone in North Korea killed

In Donald Trump’s latest antic, he’s meeting with Kim Jong Un at the DMZ for a disgusting, self-serving photo op. Is his stunt moronic and tone-deaf? Absolutely. Is it naïve, falsely self-aggrandizing and ostensibly pointless? Check. Murderous? Absolutely.

Our new White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham got roughed up and bruised while trying to make a path for the American press to have access to Trump and Kim Jong Un. Of course, if the administration just planned meetings ahead of time and consulted with their experts on North Korea, this incident could have been avoided. But because the meeting was last minute, North Korean guards acted like North Korean guards, and Ms. Grisham got into a brawl with them.

You can absolutely be assured someone will be in front of the firing squad at dawn over the incident. It won’t be Stephanie Grisham. Odds are that one or several of the North Korean guards will be executed by Kim Jong Un over the incident. He already executed the North Korean official who delivered his letter to Trump in the White House. Whether the incident with Grisham actually caused embarrassment to Kim or not, execution is key to Kim maintaining absolute authority. If Stephanie Grisham wasn’t trying so hard to shill for Trump, she might have thought about the results of her brash actions. And since when does the White House press secretary fight for the American press being given access? Just at the G20, Trump met with Putin, and the only reports we get about this come from the Russian press.

Stephanie Grisham did her pointless job too well; now people will die. Trump wanted his photo-op and he got it. The whole stinking mess just gives weight to the fact that Trump called the last-minute meeting to give a message to Putin. It’s embarrassing and inexcusable rotting treason right before our eyes. And our new White House press secretary, without even holding a briefing, is now infinitely worse than Sarah Sanders. Everything Trump does touch dies. And now they die even just by being pushed aside by Stephanie Grisham.

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