Donald Trump knows where this is headed

Donald Trump is floundering like never before. Even his daughter is “denouncing” white supremacy while her father promotes it with every sniff of his nose. But this is just lip service on their part in order to keep the votes. What’s really happening here is Trump, Mitch McConnell and the National Rifle Association are all owned and laundering money for the oligarchs of Russia under the biggest grifter of them all, Vladimir Putin.

It’s been no secret, and yet the MAGAs still stand by their guns and bootlick their masters, elitist rich male pricks. Well, dumb is gonna dumb. It would be funny if it weren’t so painful; if the body count weren’t piling up. But while they clutch their multitudes of guns and yell, “socialist!” at everyone, they rest their feet on dead innocents and vote against their own interests.

Now China is buying their agricultural products from Russia and Brazil instead of the US. Russia has zero economy, so this is a big win for Putin. Brazil has no economy, but it does have a rainforest which can be decimated for the sake of owning the libs. So, there’s that MAGA win.

A judge is ruling on whether to unredact the entire Mueller report, which will show that Barr was not being truthful in his representation of “no collusion” in the Mueller Report. It may seem things are moving slowly, but they will catch up when these grifter Republicans are voted out.

The New York Times is stretching to find false equivalence with Trump and reality, but all one needs to do to get to the truth of this mess is to read, to watch, to listen, to think. Trump is unfit, uneducable, unempathetic, and incompetent. If this were comedy, Trump would be a gag line, but this is reality. Everyone must vote like our future is at stake, because it absolutely is.

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