Donald Trump has lost two cabinet members in the past week. One of them was only in the role in an acting capacity to begin with, and the other appears likely to testify against him in the House impeachment inquiry. Remarkably, this isn’t even necessarily the biggest thing going wrong for Trump right now.

Donald Trump tried yesterday to get Turkey to stop the slaughter that he had just green lighted a week ago, and Turkey responded by merely offering to back off for 120 hours. On what planet does a minor player like Turkey get to tell the United States what to do? On this new bizarro version of Earth, apparently, where the President of the United States is the weakest schmuck in this entire land of confusion.

Trump currently has no Secretary of Energy, no Homeland Security Director, no Director of National Intelligence, no Deputy Director of National Intelligence, no ICE Director, no Deputy ICE Director, no FEMA Director, and no White House Chief of Staff. Mick Mulvaney has been serving as the “Acting” White House Chief of Staff for the past few months because no one else wanted the job, and of course now Mulvaney has one foot in the unemployment line, or should we say one foot in prison.

Welcome to the land of confusion. Donald Trump is falling to pieces by the minute. The odds of him getting to finish this term keep dropping accordingly. The majority of Americans want him gone already. His own people are tripping over each other to testify against him. And the United States is stuck in a nightmare limbo until it finally happens.

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