Let’s get real here

Let’s start with a question addressed to progressives like me: Is giving Trump another four years better for progressivism, or is giving Biden four years better for progressivism?

I’m going to be frank — Joe Biden will almost certainly be the Democratic candidate. He was not my first choice to go up against Trump. He wasn’t even my second or third choice. But I’m going to very happily vote for him, and regardless of who you wanted to see on the ballot in November, you should vote for him too.

Is Biden as qualified as Secretary Clinton? No. Is he as progressive as Senator Sanders? Nope. Is he anywhere near as polished as Mayor Buttigieg? Not at all. Like it or not, he’s almost certainly going to be our candidate. But know this: Biden’s worst days would be immeasurably better than Trump’s best days. With that thought alone, he’s earned my vote, and I’m looking forward to casting my ballot in November for someone who will surround himself with professionals and act like a president should.

Harrowingly, not every Democrat or left-leaning independent feels this way, and it might cost Biden the election. Per Politico: “Some Sanders supporters see the consolidation of moderate presidential candidates and other elected officials around Biden as the establishment asserting its power over the grassroots. Trump has happily stoked the divide, declaring that the Democratic primary is ‘rigged’ against Sanders, just as he did four years ago.”

In other words, some Sanders supporters are ready to do what some Sanders supporters did in 2016 — abstain from voting, or worse, vote for Trump to spite the DNC. This scares me. Arguably, Secretary Clinton lost in 2016 because of people who sat it out because she wasn’t their ideal candidate. I cannot bear to see this happen again.

Like I said, Joe Biden is not my ideal candidate. Secretary Clinton wasn’t my ideal candidate in 2016 either, to be honest. But democracy is quite literally at stake. When the nation is at risk of falling apart at the hands of an orange lunatic, democracy isn’t about picking your dream candidate. It’s about picking the best candidate of the candidates available. Elections are about voting in the person who will do a better job of leading. Between Trump and Biden, the answer is clear.

I understand the frustration you might feel from the DNC’s moves the day before Super Tuesday. I understand the frustration you might feel from how the DNC operated back in 2016. I am frustrated too. But not voting is not the answer. Again, ask yourself this: Is giving Trump another 4 years better for progressivism, or is giving Biden 4 years better for progressivism? With Biden, progressives can make crucial inroads and shape the future of the party —with Trump, progressives are more likely to end up on a government hit list. Your vote, your choice.

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