Donald Trump has a whole new Lev Parnas problem

Palmer Report predicted last month that Lev Parnas wasn’t done with Rudy Giuliani and “president” Donald Trump. Sure enough, CNN has released a story containing additional information about the relationship between Giuliani and Parnas, and by association, Trump. Parnas’ lawyer, Joseph Bondy, recently released a video from a 2018 fundraiser at Trump International Hotel wherein Trump discussed firing (or “taking out”) Marie Yovanovitch with Parnas and Igor Fruman.

A few days after the release, CNN reported that Parnas and Bondy traveled to Washington to attend impeachment hearings, with cameras following their every move. According to CNN, this was merely a “stunt” because they knew Parnas couldn’t get inside because of his ankle bracelet, but the effect hasn’t been lost. Parnas and Bondy appear to be on a mission to reveal as much as they can about Giuliani, who has already said he was working on behalf of his client, “president” Donald Trump.

Materials from Parnas were seized after his arrest. CNN obtained a 34-second cell phone video of Giuliani enjoying a bullfight in Spain, including posing with two matadors and a flamenco dancer. Giuliani was apparently in Spain “balling and shot calling.” Parnas allegedly has a veritable treasure trove of photographs and records, as well as notes and text messages, all of which have been handed over to Congress. Bondy told CNN that Parnas “is a prolific collector of photos and videos.” That might be the understatement of the century. Bondy further alleges that Parnas’ materials are “of interest in matters well beyond the impeachment inquiry.” Oh boy.

Parnas claims that everything he saved shows “ties that Giuliani had with business and political interests in Venezuela.” Giulani counters that the matters are of “national security,” but the question that begs to be answered is: What in the world does or could Giuliani have to do with “matters of national security?” He’s not a member of the CIA, DOJ, or any other federal agency with direct concern over national security, nor is he a member of Congress, the Senate or the administration for that matter. Only a numbskull like Trump would engage the services of a bigger numbskull like Giuliani to do his dirty work for him.

According to Parnas, Giuliani was lobbying the DOJ to treat wealthy businessman Alejandro Beancourt Lopez “leniently” because of his “ties to an opposition figure of great importance to U.S. foreign policy.” Giuliani wouldn’t know “foreign policy” if it bit him in the ass. And who died and left him in charge anyway? He’s just a washed-up embarrassment of a former mayor and prosecutor who is sticking his nose into matters where it clearly doesn’t belong. Giuliani consistently volunteered William Barr to hear people’s cases that Barr likely knew nothing about. While Giuliani certainly behaved as if he had a few screws loose, someone gave him his marching orders, and it is unlikely that William Barr is that person. This leaves us with one choice: “president” Donald Trump, who also appears to volunteer Barr for these unorthodox activities.

Trump may have been “acquitted” by the senate, but he remains impeached. He continues to behave as a half-cocked mob boss, and eventually, that is going to catch up to him. Parnas is certainly doing his part to make sure that it does.

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