Looks like this thing between Donald Trump and Lindsey Graham is coming to a head today

Over the past week, Donald Trump’s most cartoonish cheerleader Lindsey Graham has begun singing a sharply different tune. Graham helped derail Trump’s attempted takeover of the SDNY. Then Graham disputed Trump’s assertion that President Obama committed “treason.” Now Graham is condemning Trump’s decision to pull out of Afghanistan, and demanding answers in Trump’s latest Russia scandal.

Lindsey Graham has seemingly decided that, with Donald Trump’s poll numbers in freefall, and his own Senate reelection prospects in danger, he’s better off publicly distancing himself from Trump. But now CNN’s Kaitlan Collins says Trump and Graham are headed out for a round of golf today. This is darkly intriguing, to say the least.

It’s clear that one or both of them is looking to discuss this sudden public rift between them. But which one of them has decided to push the issue, and what’s the angle? The first time Trump and Graham went golfing together, Graham instantly transformed from Trump critic to Trump cheerleader, leading to questions about just what Trump was holding over him. Now, with Graham reverting back to Trump critic, they’re suddenly playing golf again.

It’ll be worth watching Lindsey Graham’s public comments about Donald Trump over the next day or two. That’ll tell us what today’s golf summit was really about. Will Trump find a way to pressure Graham into falling back in line? Will Graham try to convince Trump to drop out of the 2020 race? We’ll see.

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