Lindsey Graham is in deep trouble

Over the past week, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has begun turning against Donald Trump. First, Graham helped sink Trump’s plan to take over the SDNY. Then, Graham announced that he disagrees with Trump’s assertion that President Obama committed “treason.” It’s clear that something has gotten into Graham; most likely he looked at his poll numbers and saw that he’s in danger of losing his own seat because he’s married himself to Trump’s sinking ship.

Democratic candidate Jaime Harrison tweeted an article from The State which confirms that his race against Lindsey Graham is indeed becoming a competitive one. Steve Schmidt from the Lincoln Project then chimed in, adding this:

This is a very interesting race and one where Lindsey Graham can go down. Lindsey’s problem is his cynicism. He believes that South Carolinians are stupid and easily manipulated. He thinks he can look them in the eye and say anything and that they will believe it no Matter how easily it is contradicted. His betrayal of his “best friend” for Trumps favor shows he can’t be trusted. No one likes being played for a fool and that is how Lindsey treats his voters. @ProjectLincoln likes @harrisonjaime. He is principled and tough, a Maverick.

So now Lindsey Graham has to worry about not only being dragged down by Donald Trump, but about the Lincoln Project getting behind his Democratic opponent. You can learn more about Jaime Harrison here.

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