Lindsey Graham quarantines himself over coronavirus, gives something away about Donald Trump

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham just announced he’s quarantining himself, out of fear he may have been exposed to coronavirus. He doesn’t have any symptoms, but he’s doing the right thing by trying to avoid potentially infecting anyone else. Here’s the thing though: he just gave something away about Donald Trump.

Lindsey Graham is worried that he may have been exposed to the coronavirus while he was at Mar-a-Lago this past weekend, where a now-sick Brazilian government official was also in attendance. Graham didn’t even have direct contact with the guy, but he’s quarantining himself anyway.

Guess who did have direct contact with the Brazilian official? Donald Trump and Mike Pence. There’s photographic proof of it. So let’s be real here. Lindsey Graham isn’t afraid that he may have caught the coronavirus from some guy he didn’t even come into contact with. Graham is afraid that the guy may have given it to Trump and Pence, who in turn may have given it to him.

So why hasn’t Donald Trump quarantined himself? Why does he keep insisting that he hasn’t been tested? Why did he come off as being so gravely ill last night during his televised address?

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