Donald Trump has completely insane meltdown about lobster of all things

If Donald Trump wonders why the polling averages now have him losing the 2020 election by double digits, maybe he should consider that the things he’s focusing on aren’t exactly the things that most Americans are focused on. Right now, Democrats and Republicans are trying to figure out how to survive a worsening pandemic and a crushing economic crisis. So what’s Trump focused on? Well, lobsters.

That’s right, lobsters. This is what Trump is ranting about tonight:


For one thing, this isn’t even a true statement. But even if there were any truth to this, how can Donald Trump possibly think that this is what anyone cares about right now? The pandemic is so bad, it’s not even safe to go in a restaurant, and a lot of restaurants aren’t even open. And with tens of millions of Americans out of work, they can’t afford lobster right now anyway. No wonder this guy is losing.

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