Lock him up

We are in truly dangerous territory now. Trump has so corrupted our government officials that the NOAA is writing letters defending his lies and the US military has struck some kind of nefarious deal with him to buy fuel at the Prestwick airport while offering rooms and rounds of free golf at Trump’s Turnberry golf course.

Our system depends on our military being loyal first to the Constitution. It is now broken. Trump has created such a cycle of corruption, we now can officially doubt the weather service.

Impeachment is being officially started in the House, yet there still may be too many stalwarts in the Senate to achieve it. That’s okay. Anything that keeps Trump’s corruption and lies and grifting in the forefront is good. He has survived by wearing out his opponents. But now the opponent is the American people and we are varied and resilient.

Please don’t get weary, patriots. Please don’t quit. Call them out on every grift even if you need to do it with a vodka chaser. Send Donald Trump and his goons to jail with your votes. November 2020 can’t come soon enough.

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