Long time coming

“He just makes people sad.” During the first season of The Office, which aired in 2005, Michael Scott said this about Donald Trump. Yes, it was merely a line from a fictional character. And yes, it was in reference to the Apprentice era Trump, not the political era Trump. But fourteen years ago, a well-meaning fictional doofus tried to warn us about what was coming.

This week we learned that Canadian television channel CBC quietly edited Donald Trump’s cameo out of “Home Alone 2” back in 2014. The network says that it did so simply to make room for more commercial breaks. But it’s an odd thing to remove a thirty-second cameo of a well known public figure from a movie, and then say you did it just to make the movie shorter.

We suspect CBC removed the cameo in 2014 because even back then, Trump was already deep into his racist “birther” accusations against President Obama – and accordingly, Trump was already becoming increasingly despised by decent people everywhere. The Canadians tried to warn us about Trump five years ago. Now that he’s been impeached, one could say that we’re finally listening, if far too late for our own good.

Donald Trump has always been a joke to most of us. He’s only been elevated by the gullible suckers who believed he was an actual financial success, and the gullible suckers who believed that a laugh-out-loud con artist like him could somehow magically fix whatever is inherently wrong with politics and government. Even Michael Scott – a fictional character who is best known for the line “That’s what she said” – understood that Trump has always sucked.

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