Donald Trump is looking at losing everything

Never for even a femtosecond did I think that Trump’s pursuit of the presidency had to do with any sense of civic duty or true political agenda. No. I’ve always thought it had to do with fame and, of course, money. Trump has profited enormously from the presidency and he seeks to profit more from a second term. The stakes are high for him.

Mother Jones reports: “Before the end of a theoretical second term, his company will have to refinance — or, in a far less likely scenario, pay off — nearly a half-billion dollars in loans linked to some of his most prized assets, including Trump Tower. These debts are maturing at a perilous moment for Trump, whose hotels and resorts have been plagued by declining revenues.” Ouch.

Trump has destructive agendas set on weakening our nation’s institutions. Trump seeks to sow discord among Americans to weaken our sense of cohesion and national pride. Trump uses his office for demagoguery. He does all this to ensure he keeps his base riled because he knows that doing so gives him a strong likelihood of high voter turnout, and thus another opportunity for four years of profiting at immeasurable expense to not just Americans, but the world. The subtext to the Trump presidency is traitorous profiteering.

Trump has a lot of money at stake in November, and Trump knows it. Losing the election will mean losing personal corporate assets. To make matters even worse for him, it will also open the door to many investigations and lawsuits — both of which will be costly. The Trump campaign might be flush with cash, but virtually none of that can legally get into Trump’s pocket. Trump spent four years building an empire, but that empire manifests as his administration and campaign.

Trump ridiculed Hillary Clinton for playing the “wrong game” — i.e., not playing and winning the Electoral College — but Hillary gets the last laugh. Trump’s game might have enriched his campaign, but it’s put his personal wealth at incredible risk. Talk about playing the wrong game. If Trump loses in November, and God willing he does, don’t be surprised to see him leaving more than just the Oval Office. He might have to leave a few of his prized properties too.

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