Donald Trump’s hydroxychloroquine scam just took a major hit

Even as scientists continue to yield inconclusive and in some instances disappointing results in their testing of hydroxychloroquine as a potential coronavirus treatment, Donald Trump continues to falsely tout the dangerous drug as a harmless miracle cure.

Whatever scientists end up concluding is the real story is with regard to hydroxychloroquine and coronavirus, Donald Trump is running a scam by falsely portraying it as being harmless. Considering the personal investments that Trump, his advisers, and his political allies have in hydroxychloroquine manufacturers, it’s clear that this is a for-profit scam. That scam just took a pair of blows.

First comes the news from the Washington Post that the CIA has privately warned its employees that taking hydroxychloroquine can be fatal, and advising them not to take it unless a doctor specifically tells them to. This means Trump’s own CIA is now proactively trying to protect its employees against Trump’s potentially deadly scam.

Not everyone reads what the Washington Post is reporting about the CIA. But plenty of mainstream Americans watch and trust the morning network TV shows, and they trust a public figure like Rita Wilson. She and her husband Tom Hanks have recovered from coronavirus, and now she’s revealed on CBS This Morning that when she was given hydroxychloroquine variant chloroquine, her side effects were “extreme.” The more people who hear this, the more people will realize that Trump is lying when he says the drug comes with no risks. This drug has important uses, but Trump is trying to run a scam with it.

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