Donald Trump’s GOP Senate stooge Martha McSally goes into a complete tailspin

Donald Trump entirely owes his getting off the hook to Senate Republicans who decided their own re-election was more important than the actual rule of law. The problem for them is that he’ll never, ever see it that way. While Mitch McConnell was smart enough to dangle rewards in front of vulnerable Republicans so they’d vote to acquit, Donald Trump doesn’t care so much about helping them out. He’s got his own dim re-election prospects to think about first.

Obviously, Trump’s money pit of a wall is a priority over defense spending. Despite McSally’s constant vows to protect military funding for Arizona, the Trump administration has managed to seize $30 million allocated for the state’s Fort Huachaca. McSally promised to get the money back, yet voted three times in 2019 to let Donald Trump take it. The funds have yet to be restored.

Sen. Martha McSally of Arizona considers saving the A-10 fighter jet to be her greatest accomplishment in Congress. As an Air Force pilot, she once flew them and bragged during a Congressional race that she protected their funding at a time when the Obama administration was seeking to retire the A-10. Now the Trump administration is planning to retire the plane yet again, in an effort to fund his racist border wall.

Desperate to sound like someone doing the right thing, McSally is vowing to fight it – even if it’s only quietly, through a written statement. While she continues to rationalize her vote to acquit Trump, McSally is in a similar dilemma as other Senate Republicans: How does she prove she isn’t a complete Trump lackey and also secure funding for her state?

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