Donald Trump’s stooge Martha McSally is so incredibly screwed

The first sign that Republican Senator Martha McSally was in trouble in her reelection bid? She was never elected to begin with. She actually ran for Arizona’s other Senate seat, lost, and was then appointed to fill the vacant seat instead. Now it turns out she’s really losing.

One new poll has McSally a whopping thirteen points behind Democratic candidate Mark Kelly. We here at Palmer Report never like to quote one poll without putting it within the context of the other polls. But while this new poll represents the largest margin in the Arizona Senate race to date, the other polls in this race aren’t much better for McSally.

We’re still a long way away from election day, but Martha McSally is in an almost surreal amount of trouble in this race. It’s also notable that Donald Trump is currently behind Joe Biden in Arizona by a few points. McSally has her own inherent problems as a candidate. But this goes to show how Trump’s toxic unpopularity is dragging down other Republican candidate’s.

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