Donald Trump’s Mary Trump problem just got even uglier for him

Donald Trump’s failed legal action and big bad threats didn’t stop John Bolton’s book from coming to market this week – a reminder that people aren’t necessarily as afraid of Trump as they used to be. That includes his niece Mary Trump, who has written a tell-all book exposing Donald’s financial scandals and deranged personal life. That just got even uglier for him.

Mary Trump’s book is still five weeks away from shipping, but Amazon has now labeled it as the “#1 New Release” in its category, based on preorder numbers alone. It’s also the #4 bestseller across all categories. This is without almost any of the book’s details having yet surfaced, and without Mary Trump having yet done an ounce of publicity for its release. People are just that eager to hear what insider dirt she has on her psychotic uncle – and the more people who read the book, the uglier it’ll get for Donald Trump:


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