Donald Trump’s mask factory scandal just got even uglier for him

When Donald Trump refused to wear a mask this week while touring a mask making factory, he reminded us all of just how selfish, vain, and stupid he is. He put others at risk. He put himself at risk. And he created a political scandal for himself, complete with a damaging visual, for no reason. Now it’s gotten even uglier for him.

Donald Trump’s argument for not wearing a mask has been that because he’s so well isolated and thoroughly tested in his role as President of the United States, he can’t/i> have coronavirus, and therefore he can’t possibly have it, meaning he can’t give it to anyone else. This was already some terrible logic, and he was setting a bad example.

But now it turns out Donald Trump was recently exposed to the coronavirus in direct fashion, by a White House valet who hangs out around him all day and even prepares his meals. We’ll see if Trump develops symptoms or not. But this means that when Trump was touring that factory without a mask, he had just been exposed to coronavirus, meaning he potentially exposed all of those factory workers. What a mess.

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