Turns out Bill Barr tried to retroactively sabotage the Michael Cohen case too

We’ve already seen Attorney General Bill Barr corruptly meddle in the criminal cases against Donald Trump’s co-conspirators Roger Stone and Michael Flynn, even after the former had been found guilty, and after the latter had confessed to being guilty. Now it turns out Barr tried to meddle in yet another Trump-related case, even though the case concluded before Barr even took the job.

When Bill Barr first became Attorney General, he pushed the SDNY to retroactively drop the felony campaign finance charges against Michael Cohen, even though Cohen had already pleaded guilty and wasn’t contesting the charges, simply because Donald Trump was implicated in those charges. This is according to a hair raising new expose from the New York Times. Geoffrey Berman and the SDNY stood their ground, but it reveals just how long Barr’s pattern of obstruction of justice has been going on.

What’s interesting is that this news is just now leaking out, a few days after Bill Barr tried to replace Berman with his own puppet, but instead ended up getting stuck with Berman’s widely respected Deputy. Even though Barr failed in what he was trying to do, it’s clear that the SDNY is so outraged, it’s now leaking the Michael Cohen revelation in the hope of finishing Barr off.

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