Michael Cohen: “Remember what I said” about Donald Trump

Michael Cohen is still under house arrest after having been released from prison early due to the coronavirus threat. But it’s becoming clear that Cohen has been given permission to use Twitter while at home, because he’s been doing precisely that, with increasing frequency.

After Donald Trump’s since-deleted “white power” tweet, Michael Cohen had this to say:


But Michael Cohen wasn’t done. After the NY Times reported that Bill Barr tried to sabotage in the Cohen criminal case on Donald Trump’s behalf, Cohen tweeted that “The article reveals only a part of the full story,” adding that he “will speak soon.” Rosie O’Donnell then added “speak out michael – hes going down” and Cohen retweeted it in apparent agreement.

It’s been long reported that Michael Cohen was working on a tell-all book about Donald Trump while in prison, with an expected release date before election day. We look forward to buying a copy of it.

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