Michael Cohen says the Bill Barr scandal is even bigger than we know

This week we all learned that when Bill Barr first became Attorney General he tried to sabotage some of the criminal charges against Michael Cohen, even though Cohen had already pleaded guilty by then, and was already preparing for prison. Now Cohen is weighing in on the scandal.

The New York Times reported that Bill Barr pushed the SDNY to drop the specific charges against Michael Cohen that also happened to implicate Donald Trump. This helps confirm that Barr has been illegally meddling in Trump-related criminal cases for as long as he’s been on the job, from just about literally day one.

Michael Cohen has now been released from prison and is finishing his term under house arrest, thanks to how the coronavirus is spreading through the prison system. Cohen tweeted the NYT article about Bill Barr, and added “The article reveals only a part of the full story.” He then added that he “will speak soon.”

It’s been previously reported that Michael Cohen has been working on a tell-all book about Donald Trump since back when he was in prison, though there’s no reported release date. In the meantime, Donald Trump’s own niece Mary Trump has a tell-all book coming out soon.

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