Michael Flynn just sent himself to prison

Former National Security Advisor Michael Flyn has just blown up his proffer agreement and is going to prison. The reason we know this is that he just hired a Fox News guest and former prosecutor, Sidney Powell, to be his new attorney. In case you’re not familiar with Powell, she has made a recent career out of attacking Mueller and his team. Her website about them is called “creepsonamission.com” and it sells T-shirts and books attacking former FBI and Justice Department officials involved in the Russia probe and Flynn’s case specifically.

With this passionate new defense, how do we know Flynn is going to prison? He made an agreement to cooperate with the investigation for several more months in order to delay sentencing in front of Judge Emmet Sullivan. Sullivan is the judge who was critical of Flynn and his team, questioning their sincerity in accepting responsibility for Flynn’s crimes. He also notoriously asked if Flynn should be prosecuted for treason, and if he was arguably a traitor.

Powell and her website “creepsonamission.com” should do well by Flynn in front of the judge. But what’s really going on here is the fact that Flynn was never really cooperating with the investigation in the first place. This is the man who had dinner in Russia sitting next to Vladimir Putin himself. And he prevaricated in front of the cameras when asked about who paid him for that trip.

It is now clear; he is angling for that presidential pardon that’s not coming. But with what Trump said today about accepting foreign help in his 2020 election, we know he nor his cohorts are actually working for the United States or the Constitution. They are working for anyone and everyone who will buy them. Judge Emmet Sullivan, we predict, will rule judiciously.

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