Here come those Michael Flynn secrets about Donald Trump we’ve been waiting for

Thanks to a judge’s order, we’re about to see redacted portions of the Mueller Report concerning Michael Flynn. The spin will be spectacular, as all Republican spin is. Perhaps they will say Flynn was set up; perhaps they will say he was duped by a red sparrow; perhaps they’ll scream “Fake News!” More likely, however, they will be silent. Ignore it and it will go away, or so they think.

Sinclair Lewis so wisely said, “the worst Fascists were they who disowned the word ‘Fascism’ and preached enslavement to Capitalism.” Kim Hyok Chol, the North Korean envoy to the U.S., was executed for the perceived failures of the Trump-Kim summit. Trump has yet to mention this, even though he was just in a photo op with the guy, holding Kim Jong Un’s letter. “We fell in love,” were Trump’s words about Kim Jong Un. Trump keeps extolling the virtues of the North Korean dictator because he sees the potential for him to make money there. It is dead-center of the Sinclair Lewis fascism playbook.

The far right says they love our military, but won’t lift a finger to vote for more benefits for our veterans. They will howl in outrage every time they perceive a slight to their beloved military, but there were no complaints from the far right when Trump made his horrible statement about John McCain, “I like people who weren’t captured.” There were few if any complaints on the far right about McCain’s name being covered with a tarp while Trump was in Japan.

Republicans will sell their souls for a tin idol and applaud each other for doing so. They spout out about morals and values, but all those fly out the window when their real god comes into play: the almighty dollar. Flynn may be defended as a legitimate businessman whose only crime was trying to do private intel work with those who don’t hold our great American values so dear. But I predict the silent treatment will hold forth. No one on the right will take a look at the Flynn unredactions. Instead they will cry like whiny little victims or not speak of it at all. I predict the latter, because ignoring the truth has worked for them for years.

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