Donald Trump’s obsession with revenge against Michelle Obama spirals out of control

Friday was Michelle Obama’s 56th birthday, in honor of which the psychopathic occupant of the White House rolled back a significant part of her program designed to provide healthy lunches for school children. It was a little man’s execrable vengeance against a great woman who was a great First Lady, married to a great man who was a great President. As usual, cruelty was the point – but not the only point, as it turns out. While nutritionists reacted with horror, junk food companies applauded. After all, if you’re going to be a bastard you might as well make money for your friends while you’re at it.

First Lady Michelle Obama created America’s first “Task Force on Childhood Obesity” and developed the “Let’s Move!” campaign that aimed to get children to engage in 60 minutes of physical activity each day. It was a much-needed program to combat the alarming rise in childhood obesity, a trend that was leading to increases in diabetes and other health concerns.

Trump’s appalling personal standards for “nutrition” are the worst in the history of the presidency. He never exercises (golf in a golf cart doesn’t count) and eats junk food straight from McDonalds and KFC on a daily basis. That’s fine with me. Trump can’t kill himself fast enough as far as I’m concerned. But to carry his ignorance to the point that his standards impact the health of school children is malignant evil at its most repugnant.

This is why the department of agriculture, with cackling, infantile villainy, introduced this junk food loophole into child lunches. Hamburgers, for example, that were only to be served once a week under Michelle Obama’s program, can now once again be served daily, thanks to this relaxation of the rules. The ostensible reason was it would cut down on wasted food. Children who are averse to fruits and vegetables (the “reasoning” goes) would be less likely to throw them away. So instead of them having a little less food in their diet, it’s far better to keep up the calorie count with poison. The policy is staggeringly stupid, and typical of the irresponsible and petty thinking of the Trump pirate ship.

Besides, “Food waste was a problem before the healthier standards were enacted, so rolling them back won’t solve that problem,” Juliana Cohen, a nutrition professor at Harvard University’s School of Public Health. “It’s just that more people are paying attention to the issue now.” Cohen added that Mrs. Obama’s work “improved the diets of millions of children, especially vulnerable children in food-insecure households.”

Massively stupid people like Sarah Palin used Mrs. Obama’s program to make political capital. She started showing up at school events with chocolate chip cookies, claiming that Michelle Obama was trying to “rob school children of dessert.” Trump has finally realized full vengeance for Palin’s ignorant “cause.”

Nearly 14 million American children (around 19%) are obese. With more than 30 million children participating in the National School Lunch Program, school meals were a significant way of improving poor diets, particularly among children of low income families. Now that’s been undermined thanks to the hateful and vindictive bastard usurping the White House.

The reaction from the responsible half of the American government has been furious. Massachusetts Democrat Ayanna S. Pressley said it best on Twitter: “The Occupant is trying to play petty with the food our babies eat. Add it to the list affirming that the cruelty is the point with this White House.”

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