Mike Pence circles the drain

Manafort is doing the perp walk without his fancy suits and Just For Men hair dye. His manacled hands are no longer manicured, and they aren’t pushing away the peasant reporters as in days of olde. He’s also got the land mine in front of him of Dmytro Firtash being extradited from Austria. Firtash will ultimately be coming to testify against him which will, in all likelihood, keep Manafort in prison for the rest of his days.

But these days, we can check Manafort off our fire list, and instead focus on the man behind all his power. No, we’re not talking Trump. We’re talking about Vice President Mike Pence. Please recall that Manafort was so insistent upon Trump picking Mike Pence for his VP that Paulie made up a story about the Trump plane having mechanical problems so that Trump would stay grounded and have breakfast with Pence. Yes, that Mike Pence.

Mike Pence is the worst, most nauseating kind of Trump shill. But that aside, the question of why Manafort insisted on him as Vice President has always circled around him. The story has yet to come out, but the word kompromat keeps rearing its head. We will know when we know.

In the meantime, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has extracted a promise from Mike Pence that upon passing the new border funding, Congress will be notified of the death of any child in custody and no child will be held more than 90 days. Good luck with that. Christianity according to Pence is that rapists, cheats and liars all get a pass. We’d sooner take a promise from Kim Jong Un than Mike Pence.

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