Mike Pence carries out his evil plan behind the scenes

Clearly, the states that currently seek to limit abortions are trying to clear a path to a conservative-majority Supreme Court, where they believe Roe v. Wade will finally be stricken down. What many people don’t know is that a quiet push in that same direction has been going on since “President” Donald Trump took office. That quiet push is named Mike Pence.

According to a new report from Politico, Pence has surrounded himself with like-minded people to help push his dark ages policies, including Secretary Alex Azar, Surgeon General Jerome Adams and Medicaid/Medicare Chief Seema Verma. Pence has also installed senior officials of a like mind, including his former legislative director and former domestic policy adviser at the White House. All have ties to Pence from Indiana and all want to see the clock turned back on women’s reproductive issues and issues involving healthcare for the LGBTQ community.

Since his days in Indiana, Pence has tried to defund Planned Parenthood, curb abortion, and change the rules of Title X which would prevent clinics from referring women to abortion providers. Thank God, the courts have blocked these moves. However, HHS has quietly boosted so-called “religious conscience protections” for providers who refuse to perform medical services — including abortions — based on their moral beliefs.

This is a battle Pence has waged since 2007 when he served in the House. As Politico explains, he now has allies to help with his dirty work, whom they have dubbed the “Indiana mafia,” to push his policies for him. The policies they seek to push feed into their own agenda as well, so doing Pence’s bidding isn’t that difficult for them. Pence’s agenda has been slowly plodding along while Trump distracts everyone with his crass behavior and multiple scandals. Pence is the “key leader” in the dismantling of Obamacare, giving Republicans everything they want, regardless of how the people they allegedly serve feel. This actually made Pence the perfect choice for Trump, as he can slowly dismantle our rights under our noses while we are distracted by Trump. Ingenious? More like evil ingenious.

If Mike Pence and his “Indiana mafia” have their way, those of us who refuse to go along with their antiquated views on medicine and women’s reproductive issues will be left to die. We are simply in the way of those who think their beliefs are the way the world should be. Even as Donald Trump tries to turn us into a communist bloc where we are beholden to the government and cannot move without its approval, Pence is quietly trying to take away our remaining rights. Now, we understand why he remains behind the scenes. He is trying very hard to keep what he is doing from the general public. Thank goodness Politico and other outlets are there to inform us so that we can do everything in our power to put a stop to this discriminatory, faux religious-driven nonsense. America is the land of the free. If this administration has its way, we will be far from free, and we cannot let that happen.

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