Mike Pence goes off the rails

To downplay all the grumbling about staying at a Trump property, Mike Pence decided to do what members of the Trump White House do best: lie. According to Politico, Pence claimed that his stay at Doonbeg was “logical.” Maybe to him, but CNN’s Chris Cillizza pointed out that Doonbeg is 181 miles from Dublin, where Pence was ultimately traveling to meet with Irish President Michael Higgins and Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. What logic can we see? None.

Because of his decision to stay so far from the people with whom he was meeting, we (American taxpayers) had to foot the bill for a flight from Doonbeg to Dublin for Pence and “Mother,” as he calls his wife. To make his trip even more memorable, Pence’s sister and mother tagged along as well. Pence claims to have paid for their tickets and accommodations, but given how much these hucksters lie, it won’t be difficult to believe that we paid for them as well.

Pence further defended his out-of-the-way stay by claiming he wanted to connect with “the roots of [his] family.” This ridiculous claim brings to mind Dana Carvey’s “Church Lady:” Now, isn’t that special? His most outrageous claim, however, is that it’s easier for the Secret Service to protect them at Trump’s properties. Why, pray tell? “It’s a fairly small place.” Meaning what? This man truly gives meaning to the saying “grasping for straws.”

Let’s face it: Trump “suggested” Pence stay there, which means he felt obligated to do so. Besides, why miss an opportunity to help line Trump’s pockets, right William Barr? Pence’s chief of staff, Marc Short, claims that Pence was “invited, not instructed” by Trump to stay at his resort and have the taxpayers foot the bill. “I don’t think it was a request, like a command,” continued Short. Short also took up the mantle of Pence’s claim that “the Secret Service can protect us.” Secret Service is made up of trained agents who can protect anywhere, so this makes little sense. Sure enough, the Secret Service has debunked Pence’s claims.

Again according to Politico, this claim caused “eye rolling” among Secret Service agents. Ex-officials who, of course, commented under cover of anonymity, said that “location often has little, if anything, to do with protection.” Instead, Secret Service agents make plans based on situations such as potential violence, protests, and sometimes, even the weather. Because these agents are so rigorously trained, they have no need for anyone to make their jobs easier for them. They’ve been doing this since long before Donald Trump and crew darkened the doorway of our White House and began making up stories very few believe. Trump is the quintessential liar, and Pence is too happy to go along for the ride.

Donald Trump lies so much that we’ve almost become immune to them. The problem, however, is that his lies continue to hurt us as a nation. Yes, most, if not all, politicians lie, but Trump is the king. Perhaps that’s what he means by being the “chosen one,” chosen to lie more than anyone in modern history. Take heart from this site, 270 to win. 425 days and counting.

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