Mike Pence screwed up

We all remember when Donald Trump said the coronavirus crisis would magically be over by Easter. We all rolled our eyes at him, because we knew what would happen. Easter came and went, and the death toll was still worsening. But then Trump is a delusional lying idiot.

Let’s not forget that five weeks ago, Mike Pence told us that the coronavirus crisis would magically be over by Memorial Day. We knew that wasn’t going to happen either, and so did Pence. But we tend to forget Pence’s embarrassing moments sometimes, perhaps because Trump is so much more brazen in his own embarrassing moments. We really shouldn’t forget, though, that Mike Pence screwed this up too.

If Trump and Pence had done their jobs honestly and competently from the start, this could have been mostly over by now. Other nations managed to keep their coronavirus infections to a minimum. But Trump and Pence were more interested in conning us and lying to us. Now here we are. Instead of giving us new fictional timeframes for when this will be over, these two mass murderers are now simply pretending it is over. Trump and Pence must both be imprisoned for negligent homicide when this is over.

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