Mitch McConnell just threw Donald Trump under the bus – again

The impeachment process continues, and Trump acts like Trump usually does, unprofessional, unpresidential, and tacky as hell. How many times in history have we seen a president tweet the word “bullshit” in all caps? Okay, so we’ve never had a president who was so attached to Twitter before, but that’s beside the point. Donald Trump has absolutely no self-control. Even in the midst of impeachment proceedings, he continues to act like, well, Donald Trump. He’s losing it, even more than he was already losing it, and he doesn’t even seem to notice that Moscow Mitch continues to throw him under the bus.

McConnell told the press that he “was not given an explanation” for the holdup of Ukraine aid. McConnell told the Hill he spoke with both Mike Pompeo and Mark Esper about the holdup but was given no explanation. He went on to say that “I was very actively involved in advocating [for] the aid.” So, is McConnell intimating that he asked but the reason was withheld or is he merely stirring the pot again? You have to give McConnell credit: He wins the “most sneaky” award. He keeps throwing Trump under the bus while acting innocent, “acting” being the operative word.

The funny thing about Trump and his cronies is that they are behaving exactly as the career criminals they are. They’ve been caught, and the first thing they do is start pointing fingers at each other. Trump, meanwhile, continues to show the entire world just how crazy he is. During President Clinton’s unnecessary impeachment, he never flinched let alone went off the deep end like Trump. He continued doing the people’s business. Perhaps because Clinton knew that the Republicans searched until they found something to bring up for impeachment (lying) while Trump is clearly guilty of things that go far beyond lying (which he does on a regular basis). Instead of using his time to mount a credible defense, he’s using it to attack Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi.

While all this is going on, two New York Times reporters have released excerpts from “Border Wars,” their book detailing Trump’s inappropriate suggestions of “shooting migrants in the legs” to stop them from crossing the border and building moats containing alligators and sharp spikes. Seriously? These things are coming from the president of the free world? If we weren’t convinced of Trump’s insanity, this should do it. No one wants immigrants freely coming into the country without going through proper channels but maiming and/or killing them? The Mafioso in the White House strikes again. Some believe the timing for releasing this information suspicious, but Davis and Shear’s spokesman told Politico that, similar to any reporting, the release of information is dictated by the source and not the writer.

It is very interesting that all of this negativity continues to come at Donald Trump from all sides. He vehemently denies all wrongdoing, but seriously, how unlucky must he be to have all these people attacking him with lies? No one is that unlucky, especially Donald Trump. He’s lucky to be in the White House; perhaps his luck is finally running out.

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