Mitch McConnell’s day of reckoning

I’m going to start this piece by saying that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is one of the most destructive non-genocidal humans in history. Yes, it’s quite the claim to give McConnell this ignominious honor, but hear me out.

My particular disgust with him today is in his proclamation that should there be a vacancy on the Supreme Court during the 2020 presidential election cycle, he would fill it. This makes your average hypocrite seem like a straight-talker. As I’m sure you unfortunately remember, McConnell successfully (I use the word “successfully” with disdain) blocked President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. It was McConnell’s constitutional duty to hold a vote on Garland, but he opted instead to make the nomination dead on arrival by never scheduling any hearings. McConnell’s punishment? Getting Trump two Supreme Court picks, and possibly more. If you’re already ill by this point in the article, I don’t recommend you read further.

McConnell’s tenure as Majority Leader has been one with strongly spiteful, destructive, and misanthropic intentions. It is clear from his actions that he uses his position to further the interests of an exceedingly small cadre of people with whom he holds an allegiance to global exploitation. Be damned anyone who gets in the way of his agendas.

Moreover, he’s been engaged in a battle of attrition on the American system. He has repeatedly and boastfully broken rules. He was openly hostile to President Obama, saying that it was his goal to ensure that Obama would be a one-term president. Make no mistake – Mitch hates you. Maybe not personally, but he sure as hell wanted to make sure you or any other American could never have affordable healthcare. Mitch hates you, and your pancreas.

The effects of McConnell’s destruction will last for decades, perhaps longer. He’s prevented legislation that would be potentially life-changing and life-saving for hundreds of millions of Americans. He’s weakened all three branches of government by infecting them with his tactics and setting unpunished precedent that undermines rules, norms, and principals integral to a healthy America. He has abetted the weakening of America’s image on the international stage, and surely enabled adversaries like China and Russia to forge alliances with countries we were once strongly connected with. It’s treason, and it’s evil.

So, let’s help get him voted out. Mitch McConnell is actually a remarkably unpopular Senator, believe it or not. Poll numbers show that he’s one of the least popular politicians in America. If you’re able to, volunteer for and donate to any opponent of his, and any groups focused on getting more voters registered in Kentucky, where he’s running for reelection in 2020. Remember that the larger the overall voter turnout across the board, the better the Democrats tend to do. McConnell is almost certainly the most important brain and force in the Republican machine du jour, and removing him from the equation as Senate Majority Leader would surely disorganize the party and reinstate some organization to America’s politics.

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