Donald Trump just got even more bad news

Donald Trump loves to tweet about the stock market and his jobs record to defend every reprehensible thing he’s ever said or done, as do the core Trumpers still trying to rationalize their leader’s contempt for democracy and the rule of law. While we seem to be in a relatively stable economic climate, there’s actually a bit less certainty over Trump’s handling of the economy than he would like to believe.

According to an Associated Press poll from Monday, 51% of Americans are unhappy with Donald Trump’s overall handling of the economy, and only 47% approve of the job he is doing when it comes to the economy – but the numbers get even worse when you break the numbers down further. 55% reject him on taxes, suggesting that the majority of Americans are fed up with the Republican tax cut scam – and probably won’t be happy if Trump makes good on his plan to give his donors a bigger tax cut while bypassing Congress. Only 42% approve of Trump on this issue, roughly the same as his overall favorability rating, and only 17% of Americans saw a decrease in what they paid in taxes last year.

A whole 59% are unhappy with Trump’s trade wars – meaning his embarrassment of a G20 summit certainly won’t help him in the long term, since he couldn’t even create the illusion of standing up to China. Even among Republicans, only 50% said that his tariffs would help the economy. The AP poll gave Trump an overall favorability rating of 38%, showing that confidence in his job performance and electability is continuing to erode at a crucial time, and will likely get worse as farmers continue to go bankrupt. As time drags on, Donald Trump is running out of ways to rationalize his illegitimate presidency.

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