Donald Trump is more out of control than ever

The House Democrats continue to close in on Donald Trump. Jerry Nadler’s House Judiciary Committee has made a formal request for documents from 81 individuals and companies, including two of Trump’s kids. Now, Adam Schiff has joined forces with Elijah Cummings and Eliot Engel to issue a formal request for documents relating to Trump’s clandestine meetings and phone calls with Vladimir Putin. The requests were made to Chief of Staff Mike Mulvaney and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, according to NBC News. This request follows an earlier request, to which the White House failed to respond by last Friday’s deadline. Now, the Chairmen are demonstrating to Trump that they are deadly serious.

In the case of the recently requested documents, the Chairmen have given Mick Mulvaney and Mike Pompeo until March 15 to produce “all documents and communications, regardless of form and classification, that refer or relate to any communications between President Trump and President Putin, including in-person meetings and telephone calls,” according to Politico. This is a classic example of one’s failure to answer a simple question and being hit by something bigger, and the Chairmen say as much.

The thing about Trump is that he never sees anything wrong in his actions (narcissism) and pretends to be wounded when others call him out on his behavior. He pretends that he doesn’t understand the reasoning behind the Committees’ desire to look further into his Russian ties, even though that reasoning stems from his own actions in concealing notes and other information relating to his one-on-one meetings with Putin.

Immediately after Trump’s Helsinki meeting with Putin, The Washington Post ran a story about the “great lengths” Trump undertook to conceal notes, and in one case, it is alleged that he even destroyed notes. Obviously, this behavior is of grave concern to these committees, as well as to the American people. As Senator Dick Durbin said back in January: “When he takes the interpreter’s notes and wants to destroy them so no one can see what was said in written transcript, . . . it raises serious questions about the relationship between this president and Putin.” Further, the Committee Chairmen believe that if true, the allegations “raise profound national security, counterintelligence, and foreign policy concerns.”

We should all be concerned about any number of Trump’s behaviors and actions, but this is especially worrisome. We’re already afraid that Jared Kushner is giving away American secrets, and if Trump is likewise giving away secrets as a means of repaying Putin for getting him elected, we are in very deep trouble. It is unbelievable that these people would do such a thing, but it’s very obvious that Trump cares only about himself and his money. Selling out the U.S. to keep what he believes he is entitled to is not far from the realm of imagination, let alone possibility.