Is Robert Mueller really planning to set Donald Trump on fire next week?

The day is finally upon us, if you believe a new report from CNN. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is supposedly preparing to submit his final report on Donald Trump’s crime spree as early as next week, and new Attorney General William Barr is planning to hand it over to Congress soon thereafter. So this would explain a few things, and it would turn the whole world upside down.

For one thing, it would explain all the buzz about Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein preparing to resign next month, after he previously said he would stay for as long as Mueller stayed. It would also suggest that William Barr is indeed playing for team “good guys,” and that Mueller has merely been waiting for Barr to be confirmed, so he could submit his report while trusting that it would land in the right hands. But there’s a whole lot more here.

Robert Mueller has already indicted just about every major Trump-Russia conspiracy participant outside of Donald Trump’s family. It’s long seemed like the SDNY was gearing up to handle the criminal cases against Trump’s kids, and if so, it would make sense that Mueller doesn’t have anyone left to target. Then again, Mueller hasn’t arrested any of the current and former White House advisers who helped Trump commit obstruction of justice. Is Mueller sitting on a stack of sealed indictments? Is he going to bust them all out the day he files his report?

The one thing we know for certain is that Robert Mueller’s endgame doesn’t consist of simply handing in a book report and then going to the beach. He’s a law-and-order guy, which means he feels compelled to bring Donald Trump to justice by whatever legal means necessary. Does he see impeachment as that vehicle? Is he planning to have SDNY arrest Trump’s kids next week in order to squeeze him? Is this CNN report even accurate? Stay tuned.