Nancy Pelosi is just getting started with dismantling Donald Trump

It was the best of us; it was the worst of us. What we saw in the impeachment debate spanned greatness and infamy. Adam Schiff hit it out of the ballpark with his oratory. Jerry Nadler was quick to point out lies. The Republicans were impressive in their unity, and some, we believe, were even sincere in their Gohmertesque stupidity. But the overwhelming majority of Republicans were simply there to repeat the same argument over and over again. They latched onto the playground talking point that the Dems were only impeaching Trump because they “don’t like him.” In a juvenile and fact-free universe (read: Trump rally), this might work, but in the real world, it’s laughable.

Did none of these Republicans hear any of the witnesses? Do they not understand the rule of law, let alone the Constitution? Did they even take a glance at the transcript (spoiler: It’s not a transcript but a Trump-approved cherry pick of a “perfect” phone call)?

What’s really going on here is the Republican Party is afraid. By selling their place on the right side of history, they’re now all alone in the howling wilderness with The Donald. And when you’re the audience for a tyrant, you do not want to be the first one to quit clapping. It showed in the numbers that repeated the same talking points. The Republicans were so coordinated they could’ve goose-stepped their way to Pyongyang.

We have to ask ourselves why. It’s probably a “follow the money” answer. They don’t want to lose their funding, and thus far, Trump has proven to be their cash cow. But with so many junkets to Russia under these Republican belts, we can’t help but wonder if the fearful password to their secret club is kompromat. One thing is certain. Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler et al know more than they’re letting on. And they are far from finished with Donald J. Trump.

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