Nancy Pelosi just took a blowtorch to Donald Trump

It’s taken Donald Trump just a few days to start carrying out the world’s most ineffective revenge tour, ousting impeachment witnesses like Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman and U.S. Ambassador Gordon Sondland from his administration. Their only supposed crime? Daring to testify about Trump’s crimes when they were called to do so.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi isn’t having it. After Trump ousted Vindman from the National Security Council and had him escorted out of the White House, Pelosi issued this statement:

Lieutenant Colonel Vindman has proven to be an American patriot: on the battlefield when he earned a Purple Heart, and in the House trial when he spoke truth to power. His brave testimony showed America that right still matters.

President Trump is impeached forever. The shameful firing of Colonel Vindman was a clear and brazen act of retaliation that showcases the President’s fear of the truth. The President’s vindictiveness is precisely what led Republican Senators to be accomplices to his cover-up. The firing of this patriotic soldier is a sad and shameless loss for America’s security.

History will remember Lieutenant Colonel Vindman as an American hero.

She’s right, of course. To be clear, Colonel Vindman hasn’t been fired from the U.S. military. He’s simply been ousted from his assignment at the White House. He’s still a military officer, still active, and he’ll be reassigned to a new (possibly demeaning) post. The best way to deliver justice for Colonel Vindman is to oust Donald Trump in November, so that the next administration can restore Vindman to the kind of post where he can put his immense talents to use.

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