Donald Trump’s downfall is finally coming together as the nation falls apart

We’re getting closer to the demise of this administration, even though the end is coming slower than a molasses tsunami. But the news this week that Russian oligarch Dmitry Firtash can be extradited from Austria is great. Firtash is a “direct agent” of the Kremlin. He was also Paul Manafort’s partner and longtime criminal working for Russian money launderer and all-around evil villain Semion Mogilevich, Putin’s BFF.

This brings us back to the FISA warrant on former Trump advisor Carter Page, who was the consultant allegedly working with Firtash on his shady Gazprom deals. A plan for lifting sanctions on Ukraine was devised by Felix Sater and a man related to Michael Cohen’s brother’s father-in-law, and these plans were given to Michael Cohen to give to Mike Flynn.

Whew! A shit show it is. But it inches closer to revealing the entire mobster crime syndicate which, of course, the Donald and his ilk are all sticky with. We predict Bill Barr will attempt to make the extradition go away. Did we mention that Michael Cohen and Firtash are both represented by Lanny Davis? Curiouser and curiouser.

Yesterday, Donald Trump also got the bad news that a court is revealing the speed and scope of Mueller’s investigation. He’s also literally becoming more and more demented. But that’s not saving those being held at the border in deplorable conditions. Nor is it keeping John Bolton from trying to go to war. Nor is it stopping Trump’s latest bad idea of ending our military agreement with Japan. We can’t even begin when it comes to the latest Trump rape accusations, and the fact that Melania’s longtime shill (“I don’t care, do you?” defender) is now our new White House Press Secretary. One day all this will be over but the jail time. Meanwhile, it’s infuriating and exhausting to watch this crime show day after day. But hang onto the main points, folks. It’s happening.

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