We’re going to need a whole new word for the treason that Trump and the GOP are committing against America

The peaceful transfer of power is one of the United States’ most enduring benefits to our democracy. And as 2020 looms, we can be absolutely assured that the Republicans and Trump will do everything in their grasp to hold onto that power. Which means we’re going to see a lot of Russian interference in our election, and a lot of treasonous Republicans.

Donald Trump Jr. has mockingly joked about the blocked phone calls that came in to him around the time of his notorious meeting in Trump Tower with the Russians. He has said the blocked phone calls came from old family friends, NASCAR CEO Brian France and real estate developer Howard Lorber. Perhaps they did. Lorber has extensive business deals in Russia and brought Donald Trump to Moscow in 1996 to explore real estate deals. NASCAR ratings are falling spectacularly with American fans. Brian France is desperate to find a new audience before the sport goes down the tubes here. Could he find them in Russia?

The seven Republican Senators and one Republican House member that partied last Fourth of July in Russia have all voted against securing our 2020 elections from foreign interference. The oligarchs have money, and it’s all from Putin. When Putin is pleased, the Republicans are pleased – the U.S. be damned, because it’s all about keeping power and money for the Republican Party.

We don’t have a country not because we don’t have a wall. We don’t have a country when half of our two party system is more concerned with pleasing a hostile dictator than serving the U.S. There needs to be a new word for treason.

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